Stunning Daniel 2 Hand painted statue tribute sculpture from the most beloved stories of The Old Testament



  • So soft

    when searching online for a display for our local Church literature shelf that covered the topic of Daniel chapter 2 in the Bible where the king of Babylon had a dream which he could not remember, but God gave the dream and interpretation to Daniel to reveal the future of mankind! the dream was of a giant statue of a metal man with different types of metals from head to the toes. None that i found captured the intricate detail that really brought out the brilliance of the dream. But then i found the best one on the market here with 3D Craftsman, even i had questions...he responded quickly and my package was delivered safely to my door and i loved the fact how the seller put a personal typed letter to me giving me instructions on how to take care of the item and how he planned to make more. Can't wait

    -Alejandro M

  • Wicked smart

    It was exactly as I imagined!

    - Napoleon C

  • Elegant

    Great work from design to print to painting. Looking forward to more biblical statues.