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Beautiful Posed Female artist anatomy sculpture statue

Beautiful Posed Female artist anatomy sculpture statue

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Female Torso anatomy reference sculpture statue 3D print Female Posed Torso anatomy reference sculpture statue

Enhance your artistic endeavors with our detailed male and female torso anatomy reference sculptures. These 3D printed statues provide an accurate depiction of the human form, perfect for artists of all levels.

Crafted with high-grade, eco-friendly PLA+ plastic, these reference models are both durable and sustainable. Choose from classic Black, sleek Gray, or minimalist White to suit your style. Available in three sizes: Regular (25 cm), Large (30 cm), and Extra Large (35 cm) - perfect for any workspace or home decor.

Beyond artistic utility, these anatomical reference sculptures also make unique and eye-catching decorations for your office or home. With worldwide shipping available, you can have your very own anatomical masterpiece delivered to your doorstep.

Key Feature

- Printed in high grade bio degradable PLA+ plastic
- Choice of black, gray or white
- Choice of 3 different sizes. Regular: 25 cm tall / Extra large: 35 cm tall
- World wide shipping

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