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Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture Resin/PLA DIY painting kit

Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture Resin/PLA DIY painting kit

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Introducing the Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture Resin Kit - Unleash Your Creativity!

Embrace the demand for DIY art with our Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture Resin Kit. Inspired by the Old Testament's King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Daniel's prophecy, this 3D printed statue features an intricate, lifelike design.

Customize your masterpiece with two size options: 30cm (12") or 35cm (13.7") tall, ensuring the perfect fit for your space. Each kit includes high-quality, super-detailed resin, expertly keyed for easy construction. The statue comes unpainted in grey resin, offering the freedom to personalize it according to your vision.

To streamline the painting process, we've thoughtfully separated the statue into sections that correspond to the Daniel statue's story. This ensures ease of paint and an accurate representation of this beloved tale.

Please note that each statue is made to order, requiring additional time for printing and dispatch. Your patience is valued, and we're confident that you'll cherish the finished product.

Choose Your Finish:

  1. Super High Detailed Resin - Unmatched detail, minimal clean-up; ideal for display.
  2. Strong and Durable PLA - Robust and resilient; slight printing artifacts may occur, typical of PLA 3D printing.

Key Features

  • Two Options: Super High Detailed Resin or Strong PLA Print

  • Keyed for Easy Construction

  • Unpainted Grey Resin or PLA Print

  • Size Options: 30cm / 12" tall or 35cm / 13.7" tall

  • Sections Aligned with the Daniel Statue Story

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