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Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture 55 cm Tall

Daniel 2 Statue Sculpture 55 cm Tall

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Daniel 2 Statue | 3D Printed Tribute from the Book of Daniel

Immerse yourself in the beloved story of the Book of Daniel with our expertly designed Daniel 2 Statue. Inspired by King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream and Daniel's prophecy, this stunning tribute captures every detail in exquisite 3D printed precision.

Standing at 55 cm tall, the statue is painted to perfection, ensuring you can appreciate its full beauty straight out of the box.

Crafted with care from super high-detailed resin, our Daniel 2 Statue is a true work of art. To aid in painting, we've meticulously separated it into sections, mirroring the story of the Daniel statue. This guarantees the most accurate representation of this cherished tale.

For an even more impressive display, explore our Extra Large option, now available in our shop section!

Please note that each statue is made to order, allowing us to deliver a product of exceptional quality. Kindly allow time for crafting and dispatch, as we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Options Available:

  • 55 cm tall: Painted
  • Material: Super High-Detailed Resin
  • Expertly Separated into Sections Reflecting the Daniel Statue Story

Unveil the beauty of the Book of Daniel with our Daniel 2 Statue, an artistic treasure worth cherishing.

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