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Hand anatomy model statue sculpture artist tool

Hand anatomy model statue sculpture artist tool

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Hand Anatomy Model Sculpture | Artist's Anatomy Reference Tool

Discover the intricacies of the human hand with our Hand Anatomy Model Sculpture, a must-have reference tool for artists. This finely crafted sculpture stands at 24 cm tall, providing a detailed muscle atlas of the human hand.

As a valuable anatomy tool, this sculpture allows artists to study and understand the complexities of hand anatomy, enhancing the accuracy and realism of their artwork. It serves as a thoughtful gift for talented artists and makes for an eye-catching decoration piece in both home and office settings.

Printed with high-grade, eco-friendly PLA+ plastic, the sculpture is available in classic Black, pristine White, or minimalist Gray, allowing you to choose the color that suits your preferences.

Please note that due to the 3D printing process, there may be small imperfections in the final product. Nevertheless, our Hand Anatomy Model Sculpture remains an indispensable tool for artists seeking precision and excellence in their craft.

  • Size: 24 cm tall
  • Material: High-Grade Bio Degradable PLA+ Plastic
  • Muscle Atlas for the Human Hand
  • Ideal Anatomy Tool for Artists
  • Great as a Gift or Decorative Piece
  • Choice of Black, White, or Gray

Embrace the artistry of the human hand with our Hand Anatomy Model Sculpture. Elevate your artistic abilities and add a touch of sophistication to your creative space. Let this meticulously designed sculpture become a source of inspiration and innovation in your artistic journey.

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