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Planar head model, Artist anatomy sculpture statue art tool

Planar head model, Artist anatomy sculpture statue art tool

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Planar head model, Artist anatomy sculpture statue, human male female art tool
Artist companion/ art anatomy reference/ Planar face model sculpture male 

Discover the Beauty of Planar Head Models - Your Perfect Artist's Companion!

Unleash your artistic potential with our Planar Head Model Sculpture. This reference tool provides a simplified and insightful view of facial anatomy, helping artists understand how the planes of the face interact with various lighting setups. Perfect for mastering the construction of the human face, this sculpture is a valuable addition to any artist's toolkit.

Crafted with precision and care, our Planar Head Model is printed in high-grade biodegradable PLA+ plastic. Choose from three classic colors - Black, White, or Gray - to suit your artistic style and preferences.

Available in three different sizes, this model caters to artists of all levels. Opt for the Regular size, standing at 22 cm tall, or choose the Large version, measuring 26 cm tall. We also offer an Extra Large option, now available in a separate listing, towering at 35 cm for a more detailed study.

Not only is this Planar Head Model a practical artistic reference, but it also makes a stunning decoration piece for your home or office. Surprise your talented artist friends with this unique and thoughtful gift, or adorn your workspace with its artistic charm.

Unlock the secrets of facial anatomy and explore the interplay of light and shadow on the human face with our Planar Head Model Sculpture. Enhance your artistry and embark on a journey of creative discovery with this remarkable artist's companion.

- Printed in high grade bio degradable PLA+ plastic
- Choice of Black, white or gray
- Choice of 3 different sizes. Regular: 22 cm tall/ Large: 26 cm tall/Extra large: 35 cm tall (Update: 35cm is now in a separate listing!)

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