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Posed Male Human body flex Torso sculpture statue

Posed Male Human body flex Torso sculpture statue

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Artist anatomy model tool, human Male muscle body Torso sculpture statue, art pose
Male Torso anatomy reference sculpture statue

Enhance Your Artistry with the Male Torso Anatomy Reference Sculpture!

Discover the intricacies of the human male muscle body with our finely crafted Male Torso Anatomy Reference Sculpture. This artist's anatomy tool is designed to help budding artists explore and understand the human form in exquisite detail.

Standing at three different sizes - Regular: 24 cm tall, Large: 28 cm tall, and Extra Large: 35 cm tall - you can choose the perfect model that suits your artistic needs. Each sculpture is expertly 3D printed in high-grade bio-degradable PLA+ plastic, ensuring both durability and eco-friendliness.

Whether you're a professional artist or simply passionate about art, this reference model makes a thoughtful gift. It also serves as an impressive decorative piece for your home or office, adding an artistic touch to any space.

Select from three elegant colors - black, gray, or white - to match your artistic preference and complement your workspace or studio.

With worldwide shipping, we ensure that artists everywhere can benefit from this valuable anatomy tool. Elevate your artistry and master the male torso's intricacies with our Male Torso Anatomy Reference Sculpture. Perfect your poses and bring life to your art!

Key Features
- Printed in high grade bio degradable PLA+ plastic
- Choice of black, gray or white
- Choice of 3 different sizes. Regular: 24 cm tall/ Large: 28 cm tall/Extra large: 35 cm tall
- World wide shipping

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